"someone who can't sacrifice anything, can never change anything. that to defeat a monster, you have to be willing to throw aside your humanity." -Armin

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1. favorite anime? ummmm free!, snk, ooorrrrr kuroko no basket

2. favorite pokemon?  CHARIZARD BWAAHHHHHH

3. favorite legendary pokemon? (wow i’m on a roll)  LUGIAAAAA

4. favorite pokemon type? WATERRRRR

5. least favorite food?  ummmmmm

6. do you think you could beat someone up? heck yah I can think of a few people I could beat up if I was allowed to and wouldn’t get in trouble for it

7. favorite color (be specific)? mint green/pale pink/icy blue

8. how cool are you (1-10)? rad

9. how cool am I (1-10)? —(correct answer is super cool!) super cool madi…. super cool

10. do you believe in miracles?  yah I suppose so

11. did you say i was super cool somewhere within this question thing?  heck yah



a dumb jaeger


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*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*